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Job vacancy (closed)

Post doctoral fellow

Starting date for applications: 10 Sep 2023
Closing date for applications: 30 Sep 2023
Location: 3-7-5 Toyosu Koko-KU
Description of job:

Our project is the development of "disposable sensors inserted into fish to monitor freshness": wire-type sensors that simultaneously detect ATP, ADP, AMP, inosinate, inosine, and hypoxanthine are inserted into fish (through a de-blooded wound to preserve freshness) and shipped with the measuring device We are devising a business model in which fish are bought at markets and restaurants while their freshness is checked. We need to synthesize MIPs of the above 6 substances and develop a method to accumulate and implant them on a wire. We need a talented post-doctoral researcher because it is very difficult for students to do it.

The term of employment is from November 1 of this year to March 2025, but if the results are good enough, the postdoctoral fellow can be rehired and awarded a grant for the next step. The start date can be moved up to October. 

This project is supported by the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries of Japan (https://research-er.jp/projects/view/1228458) and should produce some results by March 2024. At least three of the above sensors must be completed. 

Qualifications Required: 

(1) Applicants must have a Ph.D. or expect to receive a Ph.D. before the date of appointment. 

(2) Have the confidence and enthusiasm to persevere in research that does not yield easy results.

(3) Must be proactive in "making things". Dexterity is not required.

(4) Familiarity with polymer chemistry or electrochemistry is desirable.

(5) Regardless of gender, or religion. Age should be under 35 years old. It would be difficult to recruit from countries that have a difficult security relationship with Japan.

Salary and benefits: One-year fixed-term employment contract, the contract period is from the date of hire to the end of September 30, 2023. Salary will be commensurate with qualifications and experience (ex. 400,000 JPN (including tax) per month right after obtaining a Ph.D). Commuting allowance will be provided. Social insurance will be applied. Mandatory membership in the Promotion and Mutual Aid Corporation for Private Schools of Japan (Shigaku Kyosaikai). These and other provisions are in accordance with regulations of postdoctoral fellow of this Institute.

Application and required documents: Applications are accepted by email to Prof. Yasuo YOSHIMI (yosimi@sic.shibaura-it.ac.jp) only. Application files will not be returned. However, when the application documents are too large to submit by email, it is recommended to employ file transfer services on the internet. 

Please prepare the following documents in English.

(1)   CV: No format specified. Please make sure to include applicant’s name, nationality, academic background, work history including the applicant’s current affiliation, and email address. Add photo of the applicant.

(2)   List of research achievements: Include not only peer-reviewed papers but also awards and competitive funds received, achievements in research while working in the private sectors. Also include quantitative evaluation indexes such as the Google Scholar citation index as much as possible.

(3)   Description of previous research, future research plans and passions, and career goals: No format specified, approximately one A4 page in total.

(4)   Copies of up to two most important publications (Please mark the papers on the list of publications.)

(5)   Names and e-mails of two contact persons who can explain abilities of applicants.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask  Prof. Yasuo YOSHIMI (yosimi@sic.shibaura-it.ac.jp).

Posted on 3 September 2023 at 06:57:35 by Yasuo Yoshimi

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