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Position: R&D Engineer IMOMEC
Institution: IMOMEC
Department: Chemistry
Address: Universiteit Hasselt
 Agoralaan Gebouw D
 3590, Diepenbeek

Web: http://www.imo.uhasselt.be
Email: Not public
Telephone: +3211268388
Cell: Not public

Personal statement:
Currently, our team is setting up a spinout company of the Belgian research institutes IMEC and the University of Hasselt, based on a patented sensor technology to measure small molecules and bacteria in liquids, based upon Molecular Imprinted Polymers (MIPs). I personally will be responsible for the chemistry side of our project and thus the MIPs itself. If you have any interest or if you want to collaborate, just let us know :)

Previous posts:

Dates: 2013-2017Institution: Uhasselt
Job title: PhD


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