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Showing profile for Samuel Kassahun Mamo

Position: PhD candidate
Institution: University of Lincoln
Department: Chemistry
Address: Joseph Banks Laboratories
 LN6 7TS
 Lincoln, Lincolnshire
 United Kingdom

Web: http://lincoln.ac.uk
Email: Not public
Cell: Not public

Personal statement:
Samuel Kassahun Mamo is a PhD candidate who recently completed his thesis on the development MIP material for industrial scale metal recycling processes. 
Samuel has published papers and conference proceedings on development of MIPs electrochemical sensors for determination of TATP.
But most importantly Samuel is an enthusiastic person!!

Previous posts:

Dates: 08/2014-09/2014Institution: University of Lincoln
Job title: PhD student

Dates: 04/2010-07/2014Institution: Bahir Dar University, Department of Industrial Chemistry
Job title: Lecturer of Chemistry


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