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Position: Senior Research and Development Scientist
Institution: AgPlus Diagnostics Ltd.
Department: R&D Department
Address: The Exchange
 Colworth Science Park
 U.K., MK44 1LQ

Web: http://uk.linkedin.com/pub/petya-ivanova/40/1b8/812/
Email: Not public
Telephone: Not public

Personal statement:

During my MSc diploma thesis and my PhD thesis, I have prepared molecularly imprinted polymers (MIPs, synthetic antibodies) for separation and as direct replacement of antibodies in bioassays and biosensors under Prof. S. A. Piletsky (Cranfield University, UK). I also synthesised monomers and the corresponding conducting polymers for surface modification of the working electrode of biosensors.

During my current postdoctoral tenure I synthesised monomers derived from renewable sources and the corresponding biodegradable, chiral, and sustainable polymers via ring-opening living polymerisation under Prof. Matthew Davidson (University of Bath, UK). Additionally, I prepare organometallic compounds and apply them in the synthesis of polymers as catalysts and follow the reaction kinetics.


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